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My Kitchen


Enjoy the authentic Asian taste


Bringing Asian cuisine closer to you

Tasteful Asian cuisine using various spices.

At My Kitchen, we offer products that can be easily cooked so that you can enjoy the authentic taste of Asian cuisine.

Since all products are certified by Malaysia's Halal certification body, Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), which is highly evaluated worldwide, the "Asian taste" can be conveyed not only to the non-Muslims but also Muslims around the world.

In collaboration with MAFI, My Kitchen was published in WAU Special Issue.

"My Kitchen" recipe videos have been broadcasted on our Youtube channel!


New recipes for products sold on Halal2Go are now available!


Don't miss out on our special deals and campaigns!

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SD Impex Japan Co., Ltd.

A new Asian food brand from SD Impex Japan Co., Ltd., "My Kitchen" has been launched recently! Various products including processed foods such as cooking paste, etc. are being introduced.

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