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Returns, exchanges, cancellations, etc.

Cancellation / Return

・ As a general rule, we cannot accept orders confirmed for customer reasons or returns after receiving the product.

・ As a general rule, we do not accept cancellations, changes to the contents, or bundling (delivery of products with different order numbers together) after the order is confirmed due to the customer's reason.
In case of unavoidable circumstances, we will only accept [Cancel] if you contact us by e-mail [within 1 hour after ordering].

About returns and exchanges

As a basic principle, please refrain from returning products, unless there is any problem in quality or delivery, and as if in that case, the cost will be bear by us.

Please contact us immediately if the deterioration of the product is found due to an incorrect shipment of the product, or an accident during the transportation clearly when the product arrived.

We will send you a replacement after investigating the condition during transportation. The shipping fee for returned goods will be bear by us.

About long-term absence after shipment and refusal to receive (rejection)

If you are absent, please check the absence card and the shipping information sent from our shop, and request redelivery to the delivery company or our shop.
Items that have passed the storage period of the delivery company will be returned to our shop and will be "cancelled".
Please note that if you cancel after shipping the product due to a long absence or refusal to receive the item, you will be charged the following "return cancellation fee" including the round-trip shipping fee, packing materials, and administrative fees. ..
* If you cannot deliver the item due to unknown address, please be sure to check the address and room number when ordering.