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Notation based on specific commercial transactions



Name of operation supervisor

Dr. Muhammad Amiruddin Bin Datuk Ab Wahab 


Marunouchi Square 2F, Marunouchi 2-13-16, Naka-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi, Japan 460-0002

Explanation of charges other than the product price

●Delivery fee

Delivery fee: Varies depending on the region.
Except for specified products and some areas, we will provide free shipping for every 8,000 yen (tax included) purchase or more. 
For Hokkaido and Okinawa, we will provide free shipping for every 10,000 yen (tax included) purchase or more.
※ If a discount occurs due to a campaign, coupons and etc., the total purchase price after the discount will be applied.
※Please note that due to the characteristics of the product, it cannot be sent depending on the remote island or some areas.
About mail service
・Delivered to mailboxes
・The parcels might be bent by the postman depending on the size of mailbox.
Please note that it may cause returned parcel or non-delivery for following cases
・A narrow frontage mailbox and parcel can't fit in
・Mailbox full with others mails
・Mailbox name is different with the receiver's name, or the mailbox is anonymous.
Disadvantages of mail service
・"Cash on delivery" is unavailable.
・It may take some days to arrive.


●Transfer fee
Bank transfer fee: The fee will be bear by the customer.

●Cash on Delivery
If you choose Cash on Delivery as a payment method, a Cash on Delivery fee will be charged.
The fee will vary depending on the total amount of products purchased.
Total products purchased (tax included) ~ Less than ¥10,000:¥330 (tax included)   
Total products purchased (tax included) ~ Less than ¥30,000:¥440(tax included) 
Total products purchased (tax included) ~ Less than ¥100,000:¥660 (tax included)   
Total products purchased (tax included) ~ Less than ¥300,000:¥1,100 (tax included)   
Please pay the total amount of the products purchased and Cash on Delivery fee to the courier.
(Credit cards are not accepted upon delivery.)

Delivery time

Order will be shipped within 7 days.
In the case of online banking, the order will be shipped within 7 days after payment is confirmed.

Payment method

●Credit card

●Bank Transfer: Please make payment within 7 days after placing your order.

Telephone number​

+81 0569 20 1312

Email address

+81 0569 20 1312

Return policy: Please contact us within 7 days after the product is shipped.

Returns, exchanges, cancellations, etc.

As a basic principle, please refrain from returning products, unless there is any problem in quality or delivery, and as if in that case, the cost will be bear by us.

Please contact us immediately if the deterioration of the product is found due to an incorrect shipment of the product, or an accident during the transportation clearly when the product arrived.

We will send you a replacement after investigating the condition during transportation. The shipping fee for returned goods will be bear by us.

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