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List price

The list price is tax-included.

Contact from our shop

Information and contact from our shop are basically by email.
Please be sure to confirm that the registered e-mail address is correct when you fill in the form. In addition, please check your emails settings to ensure that you can receive our email.
If you have the wrong email address or email have been rejected, you will not be able to contact us by email.
* In case of emergency, we may contact you by phone.

About inventory

・ The inventory of the product is not secure until the order procedure is complete. It may be sold out between the time you add the item to the cart and the time you complete your order.
・ If all of the ordered products are out of stock, the order will be cancelled.
・ If the payment method is bank transfer, we will secure the product in stock as soon as the payment is confirmed. * Products cannot be reserved until the payment is confirmed.
・ Our store shares some product inventory with the actual store, and may be out of stock after your order is confirmed.

About the expiration date

We will prepare the ordered products with over one month expiration date, except for certain products that on sale.
(Products with less than one-month remaining expiration date will be posted on the product on sale page.)

About the product

・ Due to sudden changes, the delivered products may differ from the notation and packaging shown on the website.
・ Product prices and special sale periods are subject to change without notice.  

About fraudulent orders

If we judge that an act such as a mischievous order or refusal of receive without a justifiable reason is malicious or fraudulent, we may refuse the order or verify your identity by phone or email.

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