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Halal Wagyu


The Best and Reliable Quality


"Japanese Black breed" is known as the representative breed of Wagyu beef, which is famous for the best meat quality and taste in the world.

We are proud to serve you the “Japanese Black Wagyu Beef from Miyazaki”. The meat quality was evaluated the top two ranks (4th and 5th grade) which consider the marbling, iris (color and luster), firmness and texture, and the iris of the fat. It is the highest quality Wagyu beef which raised at the Nishinoharu Farm in Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture, known as one of the famous places for producing Wagyu beef in Japan.


In order to provide Muslims with the highest-ranked of Wagyu beef, the meat is slaughtered at the Halal Meat Center of "Nishiawa Beef" in Tokushima Prefecture and delivered as the "Halal Wagyu" all over the country.

About Nishinoharu Farm

Nishinoharu Farm is located in Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture, which is famous for producing beef. It is rich with nature, surrounded by the Kirishima Mountains, the clear water stream which rich in minerals, and the spring water.

In order to maintain the highest quality consistently, the beef is feed with a unique formulation, carry out thorough close inspection and management, and raise cattle with an integrated system from breeding to fattening.

The flavor of "Nakashi Wagyu" (Halal Wagyu) full of the richness of meat that is only possible with the finest Wagyu, yet it is not persistent and the taste is so refined.

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