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Thin bread "paratha".

A popular snack called "paratha" or "parota" or "roti canai" in Malaysia. It's easy to prepare, just fry it in a frying pan for 2 to 3 minutes on both sides. The crispy pie-like texture is addictive! It is commonly eaten with curry.

The paratha dough is layered.

If you want a crispier texture, mash the parotas with your hands while they are still hot.

Apply force from the left and right as if clapping! This allows air to enter the layers, giving it a light and crispy texture.



frozen bread dough

●Raw material name

Flour, margarine, sugar, salt, spring onion, powdered garlic/flavoring, leavening agent, thickening stabilizer (contains wheat, milk ingredients, and soybeans in part)

●Content capacity 

400g (5 pieces)

●Country of origin 


●How to save

Store at -18℃ or below.


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Kawan Plain Paratha Onion

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